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October 18

Are you getting any return on your social media efforts?

Just read a fascinating article about the value of social media globally. It was interesting in the first instance to discover how many businesses don’t measure the results of their funded strategy. Crikey! It was great to see that Australia, as part of Asia-Pacific had one of the lowest scores of non-measurement – just 32% […]

September 06

What’s your post-election strategy?

I attended a very interesting meeting last week and one of the speakers raised a question that is worth repeating. We all know in the world of retail / beauty / aesthetics, like many other fields, that the month or more prior to an election spending slows or even grinds to a halt as consumer […]

November 15

So which photo-sharing social media should I invest my time in?

I don’t know a soul who works in the aesthetics industry who has spare time on their hands. And it seems that photo-sharing is a trend that is exciting many potential patients right now. This begs the question, what social media vehicles should I be investing my time in when it comes to photo-sharing? Latest […]

August 08

How many patients are your staff costing you? (Really?)

Fascinating article / sponsored story / thinly veiled ad I have just read. The opening paragraphs go like this…. How much money is your staff costing you every month by the way they handle new patient inquiries? Market research indicates that 67% of new patient calls result in NO revenue because the patients never cross […]