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November 29

Building your brand for the long haul

Creating a campaign that endures and adds value to your brand is much easier said than done. We know that every product or service in the market-place seems to have an ad campaign. In fact, many ad campaigns [and here I start wondering about the consistency of messages and brand values, but that’s another story]. […]

November 20

Your content is an ‘in-depth article’

Some recent changes to Google have left many wondering; What next? And for some businesses it’s a great opportunity to revisit their established SEO strategy and ensure it’s to their liking. So when a study back in 2012 determined that around 10% of searches were looking for extensive, in-depth and quality information, a new opportunity […]

SEO vs Social Media; which works best November 30

Building brand awareness: Social vs Search

A fascinating survey has just crossed my desk and we felt the need to share, so following is a summary. Because social media and search engine marketing and becoming increasingly entwined [in fact many newbies can’t see the difference] it’s important that business owners employ both. By having a foot in both, or indeed many […]

November 15

So which photo-sharing social media should I invest my time in?

I don’t know a soul who works in the aesthetics industry who has spare time on their hands. And it seems that photo-sharing is a trend that is exciting many potential patients right now. This begs the question, what social media vehicles should I be investing my time in when it comes to photo-sharing? Latest […]

October 18

10 (reasonable easy) steps to SEO

  I am often asked about optimising clinic websites by practice managers and owners who feel that they should be expert in this area in order to run their practices well.  My answer is always along the lines of ‘leave it to the guys who do this all day long.’ Just as I would not […]

July 23

Why your brand should have facebook presence

and why it’s not the singular solution for big ticket items  Social networking statistics show that Facebook penetration in Australia is 51.79% compared to the country’s population and 64.65% in relation to number of Internet users. The total number of FB users in Australia is reaching 11,011,600 and grew by more than 287,500 in the last […]