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September 24

What to outsource?

We love a survey and the latest hits a note for all the practitioners we speak with regularly. “What should we outsource given the requirements of small business and our limited time and funding. “ I don’t know a clinic or practice in ANZ that has a full compliment of support staff required to attend […]

September 06

What’s your post-election strategy?

I attended a very interesting meeting last week and one of the speakers raised a question that is worth repeating. We all know in the world of retail / beauty / aesthetics, like many other fields, that the month or more prior to an election spending slows or even grinds to a halt as consumer […]

September 05

Tips on making Facebook work for you

It’s always a great experience to read a review and learn something useful. Here are a couple of very practical and easy tips that we’d very much like to share with you: 1. Don’t sell, sell, sell The best way to drive customers away from your page is to constantly post ads. The article recommended […]

August 15

Regulatory Reminders [and overcoming limitations]

Even for the casual observer, it is clear that our regulatory bodies are taking a keen interest in the aesthetics field. A number of our friends in the industry have recently been reminded that, in relation to discussion on scheduled substances, we are not permitted to REFER TO to active ingredients by codes previously used. […]

SEO vs Social Media; which works best November 30

Building brand awareness: Social vs Search

A fascinating survey has just crossed my desk and we felt the need to share, so following is a summary. Because social media and search engine marketing and becoming increasingly entwined [in fact many newbies can’t see the difference] it’s important that business owners employ both. By having a foot in both, or indeed many […]

August 09

Filling, not bruising

Some time ago Australian/NZ doctors we considering the merits of cannulas against needles and, outside of a small group of practitioners, most injectors saw benefits in lower instances of bruising. So the ‘news release’ of July 23rd this year is a bit late in coming from the US. Local practitioners already know that cannulas in […]

July 24

Chins are definitely the new boobs what a few online meetings and web use can do to a person’s confidence. It may be coincidence but the increase in online chat has moved in line with increased chin augmentations! Computer on desk + chin down for viewing = chin crisis. Even the finest, firmest and most youthful chin and jaw will not […]

July 24

Secret Men’s Business [successfull male facial rejuvenation]

Meeting the male market for non-surgical procedures Have you been seeing more men lately? The male market for aesthetic procedures is climbing steadily. If you think of men mainly in terms of nose jobs, you’re behind the game. The number of rhinoplasties performed has been declining, by 4% between 2009 and 2010 according to the […]