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August 08

How many patients are your staff costing you? (Really?)

Fascinating article / sponsored story / thinly veiled ad I have just read. The opening paragraphs go like this…. How much money is your staff costing you every month by the way they handle new patient inquiries? Market research indicates that 67% of new patient calls result in NO revenue because the patients never cross […]

July 24

Chins are definitely the new boobs what a few online meetings and web use can do to a person’s confidence. It may be coincidence but the increase in online chat has moved in line with increased chin augmentations! Computer on desk + chin down for viewing = chin crisis. Even the finest, firmest and most youthful chin and jaw will not […]

July 24

Secret Men’s Business [successfull male facial rejuvenation]

Meeting the male market for non-surgical procedures Have you been seeing more men lately? The male market for aesthetic procedures is climbing steadily. If you think of men mainly in terms of nose jobs, you’re behind the game. The number of rhinoplasties performed has been declining, by 4% between 2009 and 2010 according to the […]