Tips on making Facebook work for you

It’s always a great experience to read a review and learn something useful. Here are a couple of very practical and easy tips that we’d very much like to share with you:

1. Don’t sell, sell, sell

The best way to drive customers away from your page is to constantly post ads. The article recommended a higher original content ratio, but I generally use the 50;30;20 rule.

50% general or social materials
30% original content about your brand – so sell it here
20% sharing of other’s content

Trying to constantly sell on Facebook will cause your viewers to leave your page in a hurry, just like you run from the room during commercials.

selling on social media is ok within reason

selling on social media is ok within reason

2. Don’t hide positive comments

When a customer posts something positive about your company, be sure to highlight it on the timeline. These messages usually end up in the “comments made by others” section, which is hidden off to the right side of the page. To bring that post onto the timeline, just roll over it, click the X and select “highlight on page.”

Highlight your positive comments