Regulatory Reminders [and overcoming limitations]

Even for the casual observer, it is clear that our regulatory bodies are taking a keen interest in the aesthetics field.

A number of our friends in the industry have recently been reminded that, in relation to discussion on scheduled substances, we are not permitted to REFER TO to active ingredients by codes previously used.

Fact sheet Advertising cosmetic injections – Applying the therapeutic goods legislation

SUGGESTION – don’t include drug names in your newsletters or communications to patients. 

Apart from contravening guidelines, it can create a determination for patients to want treatment names when another would suit them better. Just remember YOU are the practitioner and part of your responsibility is to choose the treatment best suited to the patient and their needs.

CONSIDER THIS: ‘We have a great new solution for [insert concern] just arrived in Australia from [destination country] which my be right for you. It is the latest new treatment for [indications here]. Make an appointment now by calling [number] to see [ dr name] and find out if this new [insert treatment descriptor like line filler, skin smoother, ski booster etc] is right for you.’

In this manner you remain the expert – you are not asking your patients to recommend their own treatment protocol. We want to avoid that entirely. This solution demonstrates that you have a wide range of solutions AND that patients can depend on you for unlimited choice, including the latest releases. And we all want choice, even though we really choose just one!

Lastly; For just about every clinic, it is worth noting / discussing with your staff to ensure ‘business-as-usual’ is not distracted by non-compliance issues.

Cover these guidelines with staff and avoid the distractions of non compliance

Cover these guidelines with staff and avoid the distractions of non compliance