SEO vs Social Media; which works best November 30

Building brand awareness: Social vs Search

A fascinating survey has just crossed my desk and we felt the need to share, so following is a summary.

Because social media and search engine marketing and becoming increasingly entwined [in fact many newbies can’t see the difference] it’s important that business owners employ both. By having a foot in both, or indeed many camps, when it comes to establishing and protecting your brand, more is better.

SEO vs Social Media; which works best

A combination of SEO and Social Media will always work best

But given that none of the business we talk to have infinite resources, skills and budgets, the question most often asked is ‘how do social media and search engine marketing compare, when I have to invest my resources?’

To be clear, let’s first define the media available:
SEARCH includes online advertising, search engine optimisation, google and facebook ads, pay-per-click and banner ads.
SOCIAL includes blogs, tweets, Google+, facebook posts and any online editorial.

Now you have the picture and you can see the differences. And which were favoured as the most effective mediums to use in 4 key marketing functions?

  • Brand awareness – Social
  • Lead Generation – Search
  • Interaction with brand – Social
  • Local business visibility – Search
    So the final answer – the power of both is the way to go.

And at the end of this very interesting article we check the source of the data. A survey of 500 marketers on how they saw the results of their efforts in these area. Oh no! We are asking the guys who allocate their own marketing funds what works best. Shame. I had been hoping for a more measureable perspective on this, but we think the answer would be about the same.

A foot in both camps – in fact, as many camps as are available to you has been our recommendation for some time.  So a little taste of all the treats available from the buffet is what we recommend. And as ever, if you don’t have the skills in house, get some external assistance.

Re that external assistance on the subject we receive most questions about SEO; our friend Danny Widjaja from Onlinesoft is our go-to-guy when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. And he has proven to us over many years that getting an expert team in for SEO doesn’t have to cost a fortune or tax your precious time. And they are very experienced in the Aesthetics marketplace.

So go forth and conquer your target market with the power of all.