Location, location, location

I’ve just read an interesting article from Chen  Sirkis on how to maximise your booth location at medical conferences. But many of these concepts apply to marketing of your clinic or salon if you are located in a retail district.  Sadly, there is never an endless budget when choosing a location for your practice and every business requires the maximum benefit for their real estate dollar.

So what is considered as a good location? Here are a few ideas…

On the Central aisle. This is obvious. Being located on the main path is great since every physician who walks by can see what you have to offer.

Near entrances and exits. Another obvious place. If you are near main entrances, physicians will either visit your booth first or last.

Proximity to restrooms. Everybody needs the restroom at some point, right?

Close to food. Locating the booth near food courts is always a great idea. Some conference organizers cater lunches and coffee breaks to participants in the exhibition hall.

End of an aisle. After walking down the main passageway, many people stop at the end to gather their thoughts. When they stop, they will be standing in front of your booth.

Next to posters. Poster presentations or ePoster presentations are frequently located close to the exhibition. Physicians will attend poster sessions that are of interest to them, making your booth highly more visible to them. In a retail sense this would be next to the information desk or kiosk.

Internet stations. Despite the increased use of iPads, internet stations are still popular. You can grab your audience’s attention while they are checking their email.

Despite these options for increasing your booth’s visibility, a good location does not replace a well-designed space with a clear message that may be put on a billboard.

I am still surprised to see messages in practitioner-speak; we forget that consumers often do not use the same language as subject-experts.   And lengthy messages without a consumer benefit are hard to process. But that’s a whole other story…