Chins are definitely the new boobs what a few online meetings and web use can do to a person’s confidence. It may be coincidence but the increase in online chat has moved in line with increased chin augmentations!

Computer on desk + chin down for viewing = chin crisis.

Even the finest, firmest and most youthful chin and jaw will not be improved by the unflattrering angles of online chat and meetings.

So to let patients know this is a common and increasing problem:

  • include the option on your list of services
  • consider a specific brochure including all the treatment options
  • include chin/jaw augmentation before and afters online and in an obvious place in the waiting area

20,000 Americans opted for surgical interventions for chin augmentation last year. The demand for a non surgical solution must be very significant and warrants support.

Something to consider for existing and potential patient needs.


# of Procedures in 2011

% Change 2011 vs. 2010



71% increase



66% increase



76% increase

Flickr - The U.S. Army - Staying connected

Flickr – The U.S. Army – Staying connected (Photo credit: Wikipedia)